Dealing with a Totaled Vehicle

After a car is totaled, the best it can do is get recycled. You will find so many cars which are subjected to this process, they make for a significant contribution to the steel used to make new cars. In case your car suffered an accident, here are your options when deciding what to do.
You can for one decide to go for the settlement offer. Insurance companies rate a car as totaled when the cost of repairing it is beyond half the value of the car. The figure is not necessarily universal, with different companies sticking to their preference. Where this is the case, you can expect the insurance company to offer you the value of the car in cash. If you accept, you will collect the cash, and the company keeps the car.
You can also keep the car and try and fix it. The move works well for older cars, where the present value will not get you much if any from a settlement offer. You can keep the car and attend to its repairs. Filing a claim risks you get a salvage title instead. With that title, selling it in the future will be something you cannot do.
There is the option of keeping the car, and not bothering with fixing it. It is an option in case the damage to the car is only superficial, and so does not affect its drivability or safety. It, for instance, may have a large scratch on the side, which the insurance company is not willing to settle, but does not affect the mechanics of the car nonetheless. You can still drive the car with such a mark on it.
You can go with the salvage option. When you find the offers from the insurance company are not worth it, you have the option to sell it as junk for cash. There is the option of stripping it for parts and selling those, or selling it whole to specific companies. You only need to let them know of the car and its condition, where they will make you an offer. Once you agree to it, they will come to tow the car, and leave you with the cash.
These options are the perfect way for you to deal with a totaled car. From continuing to drive the car as it is to sell it for parts, you have so many options. You also have several offers from the insurance company to consider, only when they make sense.
You can turn to this website, to read more about the steps to follow when it is only about repairing the car.

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